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When Stars Align

Updated: Mar 18, 2019

In the week dedicated to all forms of love, whether between friends, family, or in a romantic sense, members of the SAS community had some great opportunities to celebrate friendship and strengthen connections! After our 'Mix and Mingle Valentine's’ on the 12thof February, just two days later on Valentine’s Day itself, students in SAS and SEAS (School of Engineering and Applied Sciences) met at The Post in Center City for Singles’ Night-themed dinner. In addition to a delicious dinner and some craft beers and wines, SAS students and professionals had the chance to play some popular board games and even old fashioned arcade from the 80s, like Space Invaders. The Singles’ Night concept was played out by giving every guest a name tag with the name of a star and then asking them to find their assigned celebrity’s partner in the room! We had Ross Gellers and Rachel Greens as well as Janelle Monaes and Tessa Thompsons wandering The Post in search for one another! It was not only a great way to get to know people in a different department or school at Penn, but offered a nice way to take a night off from work and divulge in a bit of fun for an evening.

Photos by Andrea Ceolin.

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