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Lively and Springy

Spring has sprung and SASGov is ready to celebrate warmer, brighter days! The winter has been long and cold this year, so these small bursts of Springtime air and warmth are definitely worth celebrating—and students agree! On Tuesday March 19th, SASGov and GSEG students rung in the new season with a Happy Hour at Clarkville in West Philly. Overlooking Clark Park on 43rd and Baltimore, the spacious upstairs bar at Clarkville was a great spot for students to spend a few hours away from campus, books, and readings and meet other students in the School of Arts and Sciences and the School of Engineering. With drinks flowing and delicious pizza (lots of it!) all around, this was a great, casual, and relaxing opportunity for students to recharge and make friends with students in other fields and departments. Join us next time for a SASGov sponsored event!

Photos by Aisha Chughtai.

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