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Politics, Pizza, Party

Updated: Mar 18, 2019

On the night of the 2018 US midterm elections, SASGov hosted a midterm watch party in Houston's Hall of Flags, with a live stream of the results as polls began to close across the country. There were plenty of pizzas and sodas to go around! Diligently watching, we made enthusiastic predictions for red and blue states while the neck-and-neck races for state governors and elections to the Senate continued to be broadcast live from national networks. Of course, it wouldn't have been possible without our VP of Social and the SASGov social committee having organized a fun and interactive event for the politically-inclined graduate student. It was a great way to bring the midterm election day to a close, and to cross our fingers to see whether our favorite candidates and parties would pull through. We look forward to another election event in the fall of 2020!

Photos by Samantha Gillen.

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