The following programs are designed for application by individuals. They support travel for research and professional development.


Details of the major funds are:


1. The SAS Dean's Travel Subvention award is funded by the Dean of the School of Arts & Sciences, gives $500 per year, and is guaranteed for all SAS students. Accordingly, this is the source that you should apply to first so that you can have a guaranteed source of funding to go ahead with your trip. 


2. The SASgov Travel Grant is funded by SASgov and gives a maximum of $400 which is not guaranteed and only given very selectively.

3. GAPSA Travel Grants have a much larger budget, and are more likely to fund you than SASgov Travel grants. They can fund upto $800 per application. You can apply twice a year for the GAPSA Travel Grants and can apply whether you are presenting at conferences or merely attending them. Considering the high availability of this grant, you should apply to the GAPSA travel grants second after the SAS Dean's Travel Subvention to have higher security of funding. 


SAS Dean's Travel SubventioN (Open all academic year)

Travel funds for one trip per year will be made available to those PhD candidates who are invited to give papers or to serve as commentators at meetings of a professional organization. Only PhD candidates who are full-time School of Arts and Sciences graduate students in residence at the University are eligible to apply for these funds.


Travel funds may be used to cover any eligible travel expenses consistent with University PolicyExpenses will be covered up to a maximum of $500. 

**Requests will only be considered upon the completion and submission of the Request for SAS Travel Subvention form prior to the trip; the form must be endorsed by the student's faculty advisor and Graduate Group or Department Chair. Contact for further clarification and the application details.

Please download the form (SAS Travel Subvention for Ph.D. Candidates) from the bottom left of this page and submit the completed form via email to or hand carry to SAS Administrative and Financial Services, 3600 Market St., Suite 501.


Award amount:

  • Up to $500

  • Application found here.

  • Required: Signature of Faculty Advisor and Grad Group Chair

  • Submit to: SAS Finance Office, 3600 Market St, Ste 501/2649

  • Email for clarifications and application submission: 

SASgov Travel Grant (Spring Application Window now OPEN). 

Application closes March 8, 2020.

SASGov's Travel Grant is mainly designed to help defray the cost of travel for doctoral students presenting at academic conferences. This grant funds travel taking place between January 1st to July 31st. 


Award Amount:

These amounts are not guaranteed and are awarded very selectively after being reviewed by the SASgov Finance Committee when the application period ends. Because funds are limited, we encourage graduate students to apply to multiple funding sources such as the ones listed on this page. Only enrolled doctoral students at the School of Arts and Sciences are eligible to apply.


GAPSA Research Student Travel Grant 

The GAPSA Research Student Council has some funds available to distribute as individual travel grants to help defray the cost of qualified travel expenses for doctoral students presenting their research at academic conferences and meetings.

Award amount:

  • Individuals presenting: up to $800 per semester.

  • Individuals attending only: up to 50% of total cost or $500, whichever is less, per semester.

Please note: If you are in a Ph.D. program, you are considered a research student by the University. If you are in a research Master degree program (A.M. or M.S., as defined by the University), you are also considered a research student.

If you are in any other non-research Master degree program (including Ed.D., M.S.E., and other Master of Science degree programs with other letters), you are considered a professional student and will need to apply for funding through the Professional Student Council.

You are also only eligible to receive one GAPSA-administered award per academic semester, for a total of 2 such awards per academic year, which includes the summer. Other restrictions may apply.


GAPSA President Gutmann Leadership Award

President Amy Gutmann has generously provided additional funding to GAPSA to augment GAPSA’s funding for graduate and professional student travel. The award will be given to students presenting at either an international conference or a conference within the United States that would normally be out of their budget even with an individual travel grant through the Research or Professional Student Councils. 

Award amount:

  • The maximum award is 70% of the total budget or $2000, whichever is less.


GAPSA Provost’s Award for Interdisciplinary Innovation

The GAPSA Research Student Council in conjunction with the Office of the Provost offers $6,000 grants to provide summer support for research projects that promise to harness the knowledge of different academic disciplines to explore societal issues. Individual students or teams of students may apply for this award by submitting a proposal for a summer research project that clearly intends to integrate knowledge across academic disciplines.


Award amount:

  • Up to $6,000 per project

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SASgov is a representative student government body for all graduate students in Penn's School of Arts & Sciences (SAS). Our aim is to engage with understanding and addressing the needs of the graduate student body across SAS in their academic life, and as part of the Penn community. We do this by enacting policies that address these concerns in academic life and beyond, providing funds for individuals and groups in their academic and Penn community pursuits, and hosting a series of social events to foster networking and connections among SAS departments and the general student body. 


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Executive Board:
Mimi Hacking


Mimi is a third-year graduate student in Germanic Languages and Literatures. In that department, she researches porous bodies and nature in literature from the 19th and 20th centuries, especially in feminist literature from the late German Democratic Republic.  Mimi uses her academic background here in SASgov as she focuses on equity and access for the student body.  

Zachary Elliot

VP of Policy


Zach is a third-year PhD student in Classical Studies. As VP of Policy, he keeps tabs on federal, state, local, University, and SAS policies that impact graduate and professional students. He also ensures that the voices of graduate students in SAS are heard by the administration by hosting a town hall in the spring and policy initiatives from members of the SASgov General Body and the larger community throughout the year.


Maria Kovalchuk

VP of Financial Operations

Maria is the Vice President of Financial Operations for the 2020-2021 academic year. Her responsibilities include balancing the SASGov budget and allocating the Discretionary, Merit, and Travel Funds. She works closely with the President, VP of Finance, and the Finance Committee.


Aisha A. Chughtai
VP of public Affairs
Aisha is a third year PhD/MPH student in Medical Anthropology and served as the department co-representative to SASGov in 2018-2019 and as a SASgov representative to GAPSA in 2019-2020. Aisha's research focuses on global health infrastructure and responses. Aisha is also a local Philadelphia community activist and uses her position in SASgov to help educate and advocate for graduate students across campus.

Carolyn white

VP of Social

Carolyn is the SASgov VP of Social for 2020-2021 academic year. Her ultimate goal is to foster friendships and cohesion among SAS graduate students and other schools by hosting a wide range of events. Carolyn is a 4th year chemistry PhD student studying ultrafast spectroscopy of chlorophyll a and PSI with potential applications towards improved alternative energy sources. 


general body 2019-2020 



Africana Studies                                                                      

Ancient History                                                                        


Applied Math and Computational Science                                                 Ari Spiesberger 

Art & Archaeology in the Mediterranean World                          



Classical Studies                                                                   

Comparative Literature                                                              



Earth and Environmental Science                                             

East Asian Languages and Civilizations                                      



French Studies                                                                         

Germanic Languages and Literatures                                          

Hispanic Studies                                                                


History of Art                                                                            

History and Sociology of Science                                               

Italian Studies                                                                         

Lauder-International Studies                                                      




Near Eastern Languages and Civilizations                                    


Physics and Astronomy                                                               

Political Science                                                                        


Religious Studies                                                                        


South Asia Regional Studies                                                        



Destiny Crockett

Kyle West

Rachel Dickerson & Tayeba Batool

James Gross

Melina Gyparaki & Linyang Ju

Carolyn White 

Samantha Breecher & Zachary Elliott

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awaiting rep nomination

Rebecca Schut

Cooper Yerby

Wanyue Yang & Jason Hagler

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Jonah Greebel & JS Wu

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Ryan Eiseman

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Paul Musso

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Yara Damaj

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Angela Xia

Sam Love

Shaashi Ahlawat, Anannya Bohidar & Ayesha Sheth