March 28 6:30 pm

16th Annual Penn Fight Night and performance 

When: 6:30 pm

Where: Palaestra

This event is expected to sell out soon: Claim your tickets now!

Penn Fight Night will be followed by a performance of Cash Cash at the Fillmore!

Ticket Prices include access to the fight and to the after party at the Fillmore and are as follows:

VIP: $145 - Includes: Ringside access, free appetizers, two free drinks, and a dedicated premium beer, wine, and liquor bar at the Palaestra, and access to 2nd floor bar at the Fillmore with a private bar

Premium:  $85 - Includes: Cushioned seating close to the ring, access to dedicated premium beer, wine and liquor bar at the Palaestra, access to 2nd floor at the Fillmore with a private bar


General Admission: $55 - Includes: Bleacher seating, access to concourse bars (beer and wine only) and concessions at the Palaestra


All tickets include a free open bar weigh-in event at 23rd Street Armory on March 26th.


Further details on the event and updates will be posted on our Facebook Event. Check us out on Instagram and Facebook as well.


All event proceeds will be donated to the Boys and Girls Clubs of Philadelphia. Penn Fight Night has raised more than $600,000 over the past 15 years to benefit the clubs, which offer a variety of services to youth in the most impoverished communities of Philadelphia. So, if you want to be a good person, you should buy a ticket. And buy another a ticket for your mom. And your boyfriend. And your dog. Everyone's invited.


MOnday Feb 24, 


Psychedelic Integration in Psychotherapy: Introducing A Paradigm Shift

Psychedelic experiences are known to be some of the most profoundly moving of one’s life, and researchers are finding early success with psychedelic-assisted therapy for the treatment of depression, addiction, and PTSD. Outside of a clinical setting--with peer groups, underground therapists, or in ceremonial settings--these experiences can range from intensely terrifying to profoundly positive. Yet, the average therapist has little training on how to help patients reduce the potential for harm and weave these experiences into the course of therapy, enhancing the potential for a beneficial outcome. In this talk, we present a way of shifting the paradigm in psychotherapy to include psychedelic experiences as potentially valuable in the quest for healing.

Please register here:

When: 5-7 pm

Where: Houston Hall, Hall of Flags

Friday, Feb 7 2020

2020 Urban China COllective Second Annual COnference

Transitioning from urban expansion characterized by rapid developments, China has redirected its focus to build people-oriented cities — the scheme for the second half of China’s urbanization. 810 million people living in cities today create demands for high-quality urban and rural landscapes. Urban governance, real estate, and design are taking on new roles to address these needs.

How to innovate urban governance strategies to coordinate urban and rural development? How could real estate leverage its pillar position in the economy for multiple-approach development? How will design improve the quality of the public realm under the call for a ‘Beautiful China’? At this year’s Urban China Collective Annual Conference, Mapping China’s New Urbanization, our guest speakers will confront these questions and speak to the new stage of urbanization in China.


For more details, follow us on FB @uccpenn and WeChat @uccpenn

When: 10:00-3:30 pm

Where: Lower Gallery, Meyerson Hall, University of Pennsylvania

Register here:





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