SASgov Departmental Merit Funding

This funding can be used by your Department/Graduate Program for whatever use they might deem necessary, whether it is for events, happy hours, movie nights or other purchases. SASgov does not decide how to use these funds.  Please write to the SASgov VP of Finance ( with questions about the funds available to your department and ways your student body can spend it, or with your proposed idea for spending the departmental merit funding, three weeks prior to the event. You can also claim the funds in advance without needing to have an event to claim them. 


The amount of departmental funding varies according to the number of students in the department. It is awarded based on the representative's attendance at the bi-monthly SASgov General Assembly. These funds may be used at each department’s discretion, but do not carry over from year to year. Before applying for departmental funding, please make sure you have discussed this with your department's respective student body organization. Make sure you choose what to purchase wisely. For approval of purchases from non-preferred vendors, please email the VP of Finance at 


Amount: $300, $500 and $750 based on number of students in graduate program.

Application: Through department SASgov representative on a rolling basis.

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