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SASgov is a representative student government body for all graduate students in Penn's School of Arts & Sciences (SAS). Our aim is to engage with understanding and addressing the needs of the graduate student body across SAS in their academic life, and as part of the Penn community. We do this by enacting policies that address these concerns in academic life and beyond, providing funds for individuals and groups in their academic and Penn community pursuits, and hosting a series of social events to foster networking and connections among SAS departments and the general student body. 


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Executive Board:
Shichun (Asminet) Ling



As President of SASgov, Asminet is in charge of leading the SASgov General Body and Executive Board. She is involved in working with the Executive Board for planning and implementing annual goals and strategies and organizing different SASgov events and initiatives throughout the year. She is also the primary student representative to the SAS administration and is responsible for bringing forward student concerns to the administration and developing joint initiatives. 

Andrea Ceolin

VP of Finance


Andrea co-chairs the Finance Committee with the Vice President of Financial Operations and is responsible for managing the financial affairs of the General Body, mostly through managing the budget, including financial reporting and records. Andrea also coordinates with the Vice President for Financial Operations in managing the funding for individual graduate groups and graduate programs.


Johanna Kaiser

VP of Social


Johanna is the SASGov VP of Social for 2019/2020, The ultimate goal of SASGov Social events is to cultivate cohesion and friendship across all disciplines within the School.


Mimi hacking

VP of Policy


As VP for Policy, Mimi monitors and evaluates all ideas and proposals related to policy decisions of both SASgov and the institutions and governments with which it interacts. This includes any federal, state, local, or University policies that are of concern to graduate and professional students in the School of Arts and Sciences. The VP for Policy also arranges town halls every semester, so graduate students throughout SAS can have the opportunity to raise concerns and voice their opinions. Ultimately, it is the responsibility of the VP for Policy to ensure that the views of the greatest number of SAS graduate students can be expressed and pursued.


Breanna Gray

VP of Communications


Breanna is the Vice President of Communications for the 2019-2020 academic year.  She hails from Laurel, Maryland and is a Ph.D. student in the Department of Political Science.  Breanna is excited about documenting the ins and outs of SASgov meetings and serving as a liaison between the School of Arts and Sciences (SAS) community and the Graduate and Professional Student Assembly (GAPSA).  Breanna aims to ensure transparency, timely transferal of knowledge about the operations of SASgov and GAPSA, and she is committed to making sure that SAS students are represented fairly in SASgov.  She is excited to get to know more SAS students through her Communications role. So, feel free to wave to her if you see her around Penn’s campus! 


Charlotte Williams
VP of public Affairs
Charlotte is a PhD student in Anthropology and served as the department co-representative to SASgov in 2018/2019. In her role as VP of public affairs, Charlotte coordinates with the executive board to provide information related to grants and funding opportunities, maintains the website, and updates SASgov social media accounts to ensure that students are informed of Town Hall proceedings and events sponsored by SASgov. She also helps coordinate Penn’s Spring Grad Ben talks, and works closely with other student governments for interdisciplinary events.

BriAnna Lee
VP of Financial operations
As VP of Financial Operations, Brianna Lee co-chairs the Finance Committee with the VP of Finance and is responsible for managing the allocation of funds toward Discretionary, Merit, and Travel Funding applications. Brianna consults with the SASgov President and coordinates with the VP of Finance regularly on matters of budget review and general workflow to ensure operations run smoothly.

Do you have concerns or issues surrounding members or aspects of sasgov? Please contact our voluntary reporters:

Carolyn White (Chemistry) cmwhite8@sas.upenn.edu 

Katelyn Hearfield (Music) katerose@sas.upenn.edu 

general body 2018-2019 



Africana Studies                                                                      

Ancient History                                                                        


Applied Math and Computational Science                                                 Ari Spiesberger 

Art & Archaeology in the Mediterranean World                          



Classical Studies                                                                   

Comparative Literature                                                              



Earth and Environmental Science                                             

East Asian Languages and Civilizations                                      



French Studies                                                                         

Germanic Languages and Literatures                                          

Hispanic Studies                                                                


History of Art                                                                            

History and Sociology of Science                                               

Italian Studies                                                                         

Lauder-International Studies                                                      




Near Eastern Languages and Civilizations                                    


Physics and Astronomy                                                               

Political Science                                                                        


Religious Studies                                                                        


South Asia Regional Studies                                                        



Destiny Crockett

Kyle West

Rachel Dickerson & Tayeba Batool

James Gross

Melina Gyparaki & Linyang Ju

Carolyn White 

Samantha Breecher & Zachary Elliott

awaiting rep nomination

awaiting rep nomination

Rebecca Schut

Cooper Yerby

Wanyue Yang & Jason Hagler

awaiting rep nomination

Jonah Greebel & JS Wu

Lauriane Guihard

Selena Dyer

Mercedes Mayna- Medrano

Laura Eckstein

Ryan Eiseman

awaiting rep nomination

Guilio Genovese

awaiting rep nomination

Jennifer Arlin

awaiting rep nomination

Katelyn Hearfield

awaiting rep nomination

Paul Musso

Anna Kofman and Stephen Hackler

Yara Damaj

awaiting rep nomination

Angela Xia

Sam Love

Shaashi Ahlawat, Anannya Bohidar & Ayesha Sheth

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